About Mesmac North Wales

Community Sexual Health Project

What we are

Grwp Gweithredol Iechyd rhywiol / Sexual Health Community action group .

MESMAC North Wales, formerly known as MESMAC Wales [North] was the North Wales branch of MESMAC Wales.
Formed in 1997, we became independent in June 1998. We have trustees located around the North Wales coast area.

Our Mission
MESMAC North Wales is an organisation set up to offer support, information and advice, to men, women and transgenderd individuals in the gay community. We look at ways of promoting good practice and appropriate services.

Our Goal
· To take a holistic approach in offering support and information.
· To look at ways of promoting appropriate services.
· To share information and provide training on issues which we face.
· Offer information to other service providers in North Wales on gay issues.
· To work with other organisations in North and South Wales.

MESMAC North Wales works with the following:-
· The North Wales lesbian, gay and bisexual mental health users network.
· The Abbey Road Centre, Abbey Road, Bangor.
· Kenric, National womens group
· The North Wales Gay police liaison group.

. Lesbian and Gay diversity group

emails to
keith@mesmac.com .
Llinell Cymorth nos fawrth 7-9 / Helpline tuesdays 7-9pm

Our Activities

Awareness Rising
HIV and Safer Sex Information
Handing out Condoms
Mesmac Helpline

Meet the Team

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Keith ParryFounder and Chairperson

Keith has been with Mesmac since 1998.

Jackie RobertsSenior Vice Chairpersont

Jackie was with us from the start but sadlly died last year

David J. RobbinsSenior Vice President

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ScruffSenior Vice President

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