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Many of us enjoy cruising, Checking out the talent, The eye contact. The chase. The thrill of sex with a stranger.

These have been liberating and exciting experiences for generations of men. But - there have always been risks.

Cruising can be made safer if you are prepared.

If you are confident and know what you are doing. If you are aware of the risks and you are in control.

No matter how long you have been cruising treat each time out as a new adventure with its own risks, rewards and dangers. Think things through before you set out.

Here are some tips and advice from other cruisers:

Spend time checking out the area, get to know the layout, the safest places and the escape routes.

You are there to enjoy yourself so if someone starts to do something you don’t like, you can say ‘NO’

Public Sexual activity can intimidate or offend locals and passers by. Try to keep it safe and discreet. Public complaints can lead to the police taking action and areas being closed down. Dogging is popular but illegal. Indiscreet behavior in cottages can be particularly offensive to other people using the facilities.

Most complaints to the police or councils relate to litter and used condoms.

Keep your cruising ground clean by taking your used condoms and litter home with you or put it in a bin.

Don't carry recreational drugs with you when you go cruising. Avoid drawing attention to yourself – for example, talking loudly on a mobile phone or wearing expensive clothes. Carry minimal cash and leave expensive jewellery, watches and credit cards at home.

Avoid carrying anything with your address on it, in case you are robbed or attacked and your keys are taken.

Keep your wallet, phone, keys etc in a zippable pocket.

If your instincts are warning you off, listen to them, don’t take risks with someone you are unsure of.

If you have been out for several hours, your defences may be lower and you may be inclined to take more risks. Realise that it is time to go.

If you are in a park or open space, stick to areas you know are safe. Try not to cruise around the edges of a cruising ground where you may be visible to the public, the police and gay bashers.

If you are attacked, make a loud noise – scream and shout (something that will not be mistaken for screams of pleasure) to attract the attention of others.

If you see someone in trouble try to help, don’t just walk away. Remember, next time it could be you.

Homophobia is still a reality and cruising grounds are dangerous places. The safest solution to a dangerous situation is to get away. If you are not confident about reporting an attack directly, you can report through a third party.

The MESMAC North Wales (Helpline 01248371367 ) will be only too happy to report on your behalf, any contact with MESMAC will be treated with the strictest of confidence.

Hate crimes need to be reported, if further attacks are to be prevented.

Sex in a public place is illegal. Hanging about in a public place 'loitering' can also be illegal.

If you are caught with your pants down you could be prosecuted. It is as well to know your rights.

If you are arrested you are entitled to free legal advice and should ask for a solicitor to be present. You are only required to give the police your name and address. The police may ask you for proof.

You do not have to give information about your job or where you work.

You do not have to reveal your HIV status unless you require medical help - and then only to a police surgeon.

You will be required to sign a number of documents, always read them carefully and make sure you fully understand what you are signing.

if you have not committed the offence.......Don't admit to it......

The information in this guide has been nicked from the Suffolk Mesmac website. BUT I have altered it a bit.

safer sex

Carry condoms and lube.

Using extra strong condoms and plenty of water-based lube when having anal sex is still the best way to reduce the risk of the transmission of HIV and other sexually transmitted infections.

Regardless of HIV status using condoms protect you and your partners – it is not only about HIV but also other sexually transmitted infections.

If he doesn’t want to use condoms, don’t assume he is the same HIV statue as you.

Oral sex is low risk as far as HIV is concerned however you can still pick up other sexually transmitted infections.

Don’t be afraid to ask the HIV status of the guy you are planning to have sex with. You should also be aware of your own.

You have the right to stop having sex whenever you want. You do not have to carry on if you don’t like it or feel unsafe. For more information on HIV, sexually transmitted infections STI's and HIV testing visit the Sti Clinic Pages LINK

MESMAC regularly gets information from the police informing us of the policing levels at Public sex cruising locations. Take note of the warning levels on the graph to the right. There are 4 stages of policing cruising grounds and at the 4th stage Arrests will be made......

Please dispose of your used condoms carefully, wrap them in a tissue and put them in a rubbish bin or take them home. More complaints are received about used condoms left lying around than about men using the sites.
emails to :keith@mesmac.com .
Llinell Cymorth nos fawrth 7-9 / Helpline tuesdays 7-9pm Tel : 01248371367

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