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Mesmac Gets New WebSite

Mesmac North Wales Gets a new website after 20 years.

After 20 years Mesmac Gets a New WebSite. used to do our website and over the years he gave us many manifestations of The Mesmac website, but now he's changed his name to and learnt a few new tricks Mysql and PHP and bootstrapping and has given Mesmac this website. This version works on all devices (there are a few glitches which will get sorted) and you can interact more with this site than you could with the old mesmac. You can ask questions in the FAQ, and venues can submit their own events. The link section is much improved and community group can submit their own links. Mesmac can update any section, any time we like, without having to send updates to io-io, which means for us, that anything of interest to the LGBT community can get inserted sooner. So if you have come across a news story that you think the community will be interested in SEND ME THE LINK

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