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Mesmac does not collect and/or store any information from visitors to the mesmac website.

Cookies if any will be used to help functionality, but again we would not gather information from them.


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Exceptions: If you submit information to be included in our links section then that information will be available to the general public.


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We Don't collect so can't use any information from visitors to the Mesmac Website.


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If you are under the age of 16 years please take note that there could be material on this website that your parent or legal guardian would/could disapprove of


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The contact information supplied on this website is the home base of

About Mesmac North Wales

Our Mission as an organisation is to offer support, information and advice, to men, women and transgendered individuals in the gay community. We look at ways of promoting good practice and appropriate services..


Mesmac North Wales
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