The late Keith Parry

We sincerely regret to advise the North Wales LGBTQ+ community and many others, the very sad news that Keith Parry has passed away with his cremation due on 15th November 2022 at 1330.

The link to the MESMAC Facebook page can be found here.

Other organisations have acknowledged the amount of time and service he gave to the community, see his awards from North Wales Pride and Chester Pride.


That this House recognises Keith Parry from Bangor for a lifetime of commitment to supporting members of the LGBTQ+ community across North Wales; notes that Keith opened his phone line to provide some support for those who needed a safe space to talk through their problems; further notes that Keith has been instrumental in promoting safe sex among the local LGBTQ+ community, making available leaflets, information and condoms to partygoers and students; acknowledges the work Keither has done to promote inclusivity and openness among members of the local LGBTQ+ community and his efforts in moving North Wales Pride celebrations from a remote farm to the centre of Bangor high street; congratulates Keith on receiving a lifetime achievement award from North Wales Pride and an Icon of Pride award from Chester Pride in recognition of his decades if campaigning on behalf of LGBTQ+ community; and hopes that Keith’s tireless campaigning for the LGBTQ+ equality and safe sex will inspire others to campaign for inclusion and diversity across North Wales.

Hywell Williams AS/MP
Etholaeth ARFON Constituency

R.I.P. Keith Parry